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Store Design

We equip your stores throughly by creating the optimum store concept and using our wide range of equipment
Stores Supermarket1

Equipping the frequently visited departments of a store with specially designed fixtures and accessories will drive the consumers’ purchasing motives. In departments like Fresh Produce or Bakery, using special and elegant solutions of Sova will increase your store’s turnover.

Stores Supermarket2


Within Sova’s wide range of products, you will easily find your equipment/fixture that meet the changing customer expectations and combine aesthetics and practical use. Moreover, while running your project, we manage all the project phases; from design to installation.

Supermarkets are retail stores usually with an area of usually up to 1.000 m2. In terms of sales performance of a supermarket, the basic issue is the layout design of the store. 


Having the right layout design and using the right equipment will increase the sales performance of your store and positively affect your turnover.

Stores Discount1

Promotional display baskets have a significant share among the equipment used in the discount stores. By concept, these baskets, where products on sale are frequently displayed, must have an “efficient-sales” based design and should be located at the right spots in the store.

Stores Discount2


As Sova, we strive to become an important part of this dynamic process with efficient and relatively low-cost equipment options we provide, which are designed specifically for the discount store concept. With our expertise, combined with our wide and fast supply-chain operations, we add value to the retailers by realizing their store opening processes (where speed is vital) just on time.

The “discount store” concept is becoming increasingly a “common” one, due to the changing income and consequently changing shopping behavior of consumers. The majority of a store’s product inventory consists of daily fast moving consumer goods and necessities. 


Discount store chains aim to open as many stores as possible in the shortest time. Due to that nature of the concept, low initial investment costs is an important factor. Since the customer density is very high, the equipment used in this concept should be practical, simple, low-cost and solid.

Stores Toptan1


Providing a 360o solution for your Wholesale concept store, Sova offers a whole range of equipment like heavy duty storage racks, special checkout/exit systems, high capacity trolleys and baskets. Build a safe environment for your customers, employees and your business with Sova’s durable and secure solutions.

Wholesale stores address retailers, industrial users, caterers and corporate buyers as their customer base and differ from super and hypermarkets with their concept and customer structure. A wholesale store needs large square meters due to its concept, with a remarkably higher variety in food and non-food goods offered.


This concept is usually based on boxed sales and range selling. Storage space over the sales shelf is a must for per square meter productivity. Therefore, distinct store fixtures and equipment should be used in wholesale stores. As the store is heavily used in a vertical direction, it is very important to use high-capacity and safe equipment.

Stores DIY1

Display equipment used in DIY markets should present products (with different characteristics and volumes) in a way that receives the perception and attention of consumers. To achieve this goal, a product specific equipment or accessory should be used for each product group.


Click here for all accessories specially designed for DIY stores.

Stores DIY2


Sova designs special display equipment for DIY stores, facing an increasing and innovative consumer demand, based on the desire to create modern and practical living spaces. Sova also offers retail investors a special product portfolio for the stores with “soft DIY” concept, serving in a smaller space and becoming increasingly widespread in retail industry.

Worldwide increase in population and urbanization leads to an increase in construction and decoration needs. In this manner, DIY stores are perfect point-of-purchase spots for modern consumers.


This concept offers consumers a wide variety of products in a single location. From construction materials to hobby supplies or decorative home supplies, a very diverse group of products are available in DIY stores. The equipment required to present these goods should be specific-to-product and durable.

Stores Elektronik1


While carrying out different concept implementations for GSM operators’ stores, electronic markets, mobile devices stores, consumer electronics stores and household appliances stores, Sova brings innovative digital solutions to life with specific designs.


We aim to forward retail investors to a more privileged level in competition with our stylish and custom designs specific to the brand or product group.

With the momentum of technological development, electronic stores are constantly changing and developing. High and vibrant demand from consumers has pushed electronics stores to grow spatially or to create special sales concepts.


By combining our unique designs with innovative digital solutions, we create projects specific to your product portfolio and brand, where your products will stand out.

Stores Oyuncak1

Book stores or stationery stores, which draw high attention from juniors and teens, have recently increased their product variety by offering different products that are closely related with this target consumer group.  As an example, tech products and accessories are now frequently seen on the shelves of these stores.

Stores Oyuncak2


The design of book, stationery and toy stores requires a combination of many different materials such as metal, wood, and plexiglass. As Sova, we offer solutions for all equipment needs of these stores, giving full service at every stage from project to assembly.

Frequently visited by juniors and teenagers, book/stationery and toy stores have a special atmosphere. A colorful and lively store concept is required to stimulate active perceptions of this consumer group. It is necessary to keep the customer perception at a high level, using equipment with different colors and designs in every section of these stores.

Stores Butik1

Boutique stores offer the latest trend products to their customers in a sophisticated atmosphere and experience. Each brand has a unique design. Every brand uses display products specially designed for the brand, and bespoke store designs with special color combinations and brand-reflecting details.

Stores Butik2


From production to assembly, Sova manages all processes of equipment and accessories specially designed for brand chain stores. We offer 3D concept designs to retail investors and brands, supporting them with our experienced designers.

Stores Butik3

Dressing is a necessity as well as a phenomenon that appeals to the human soul. Consumers are always attracted by the “new” and the “different”, which leads them to follow fashion and trends.



The concepts and designs of boutique stores vary according to the target customers’ age, gender, style, purchasing power and social profile. The material and color selection of the display equipment used in store decoration is vital. Likewise, the correct lighting design should be applied in the store, in harmony with the store concept.

Stores Shoes1

The color and material selection of the equipment to be used in the display of shoes and bags is very important. The display system should have a harmony in its color, coating and the material used, creating a contrast with the product to be displayed and all systems should complement each other. In shoe and bag stores, product focused lighting is generally preferred instead of ambient lighting.

Stores Shoes2
Stores Shoes3


In our store designs, we use display methods that increase the consumers’ focus on the product, which will reveal the consumers’ impulse buying behavior. We select/design the color, coating and materials to be used based on the concept. Our target is clear: help store investors stand out of the crowd in competition.

Shoes and bags are complementary elements of clothing. Hence, retailers offer a separate collection and merchandising for these products.


These stores may differ from each other based on the style of the products sold. Products in different styles such as sports, classic and casual may be displayed in separate sections within a single store or as individual stores with separate concepts. Display equipment and accessories used for each type of product may also differ. Moreover, stores can use unique display systems to highlight their own products/brands and to achieve a more effective product presentation.

Stores Cosmetics1

There are special sections in the store like product testing or make-up application. Light colors are generally preferred. The light used in the store is extremely important. An intense store lighting is necessary.

Stores Cosmetics2


Cosmetics stores are retail concepts that require a separate expertise from the project stage to equipment selection and design. In this sector where the senses play a leading role, it is necessary to provide an unforgettable experience in sales areas, as well as to promote cross-selling and make product comparisons possible.

Personal care products have an important place in our daily life. Especially in recent years, stores specializing in personal care and cosmetic products have become widespread. Aesthetics and liveliness are at the forefront in the designs of these stores, where the senses affect the purchasing decision. The products on display are small and their packages are eye-catching.


Special concepts of branded products have a high share in cosmetic store designs. Hence, special designs and stands for branded products are predominant. Cosmetic store designs require specific materials to be used. A good design is the one that highlights the product on sale.

Stores Eczane1

In the pharmacy, there should be a special drug stock unit to increase the display area of non-pharmaceutical products. This unit should have a high capacity and the stock should be easily accessible. These features which will facilitate the presentation of many complementary products in such a small space.


Please click here to get more information about Farmarack, the drug stock cabinet.

Stores Eczane2


The most efficient way to run small-square meter pharmacies is to use the right equipment with the right layout project. Specialized on display units, stands and counters designed for pharmacies, Sova turns small spaces into unique stores with high turnover.

Pharmacy designs today are similar to personal care stores. In addition to drug sales, pharmacies and drugstores have recently turned into a versatile retail point of sale. With the introduction of dermocosmetics and personal care products to pharmacies, in-store display equipment are now designed with special concepts.


The service counter used in the store has an important function. There should be different side display spaces on the counter that trigger out-of-need or non-urgent sales. Additionally, the section where the preparation and storage of special drugs takes place, should have minimum effect on the sales space of the store.

Stores Station1

Cash counters in station markets have a unique and important feature. These counters should be designed based on the fact that consumers want to complete their shopping as quick as possible.


In addition, there should be display areas behind and in front of the counter that will attract the consumers and motivate their impulse buying behavior.

Stores Station2


Small markets of gas stations are quick-sale markets where products with varying categories are displayed together. With our concept designs for station markets, we bring together all these differences together in a single space.

Station markets are efficient selling points for the investor, where mobile consumers meet their basic needs during their short breaks.


It can be said that a station market is a smaller version of a supermarket concept. Recently some small additional sales-boosting segments have been added to these stores; coffee and snack bars are now becoming more common. Many car accessories are also put up for sale in this concept. While creating these store designs, the main purpose is to help consumers get the products they need quickly and complete their shopping as fast as possible.

Sample store projects

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