“Lost spaces are turned into display areas.”

Our client requested us to identify the “lost” spaces that can be used for product display. The first row of shelves of the refrigerators were starting from a certain height and the space under that level was completely unused. It was a loss of display space. The goal was to create an extra display area in that space. The team designed an “angular” wire basket for that area, increasing the visibility of products to be displayed. Wire material was used to help products stand out from the display unit itself. Following the modelling and prototyping, the design was approved and installed. After 40 days of use, it was reported that there was a 48% increase in the sales of those products displayed in these wire baskets. Increasing the overall display space in the store, a very productive solution!

ClientOttomans Supermarket
LocationKopenhagen - Denmark
DateFebruary 2022
ServicesDesign, Production