“We ensure efficiency in retail spaces.”

Standard modular gondola shelving, used in the head of the vertical refrigerators and freezers, may not be suitable for every store. The narrowing of the corridor, the width-height difference at the junction with the vertical cabinet, and its aesthetically incompatible appearance with the cabinet cause unsightly and difficult to use areas in the store. As a result of the analyzes made by the Sova team; A metal shelf/stand has been designed that will not narrow the corridor, does not compromise on a spacious and clean appearance, and can also provide the same function as standard shelves. After meticulous work and prototyping carried out by the experts of our design and production teams and final approval, this custom designed stand took its place in the client’s stores.

ClientConfidential (client request)
LocationManchester - UK
Proje TarihiDateJanuary 2022
ServicesDesign, Prototyping, Production