“Simple products for perfect solutions to natural problems”

A retail chain reported that, customers walking into the store with their umbrellas on rainy days, are becoming a problem in terms of hygiene and comfortable shopping experience. We received a request for a solution to overcome this problem. Our team held a workshop together for such a case. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective one. In the end we to place a practical umbrella stand at the entrance of the store. Thus, customers would be able to leave their umbrellas on this stand and walk in the store comfortably. The stand was designed to be used for all kinds of umbrella models. Also, the water dripping from the umbrellas should be collected in a reservoir that can be emptied when needed. These were the design inputs. After client’s approval, this design was mass produced and placed in all stores of the brand.

ClientConfidential (client request)
DateSeptember 2021
Services3D Design, Production