“We offer special solutions to natural problems.”

The fruit and vegetable section in our client’ store was quite old and worn. Display units made of wooden material are often not suitable for displaying fruits & vegetables. As a result of natural events such as melting, evaporation and decay, wood deforms, rots, and can become a home for insects and bacteria. It creates a hygienic and unaesthetic appearance for store visitors. In the light of the client’s requirements needs and store analysis, Sova’s Vegy FV Display was decided to be perfect for this store. After the preliminary project work, we presented our customer a 3D visualization of how Vegy will be placed in the store. After deciding on the material, visuals and the model to be used, the production was done and installed in the store very quickly.

ClientSeyhanlar Supermarket
LocationBursa - Türkiye
DateJune 2020
ServicesLayout, 3D Design, Installation